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Tangshan limits production three times a week: October 18-22 tighten again
Oct 17,2019 16:27CST
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Today, the Tangshan Municipal people's Government once again issued a circular on the progress of tightening the current air quality control measures. The specific contents are as follows: the people's governments of various counties (cities and districts), the administrative committees of the development zones (administrative zones), and the departments directly concerned: according to the latest forecasts of the Ministry of Ecological Environment and the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, during the period from October 18 to 22, there will be a continuous process of moderate to severe pollution, and the primary pollutant is PM2.5, for public health. The municipal government has decided that on the basis of the emergency emission reduction measures stipulated in the II level emergency response for heavily polluted weather, To take further stringent control measures: (1) from 8: 00 on 18 October to 8: 00 on 22 October, the port collection and distribution vehicles are prohibited from entering and leaving the port area (except for livelihood protection materials); Municipal iron and steel, coking, cement, electric power, glass and other enterprises prohibit heavy trucks from entering and leaving the factory area (except vehicles for safe production); construction sites and enterprises shall stop using non-road mobile machinery (except electric). (2) Iron and steel enterprises: from 00: 00 on October 18 to 8: 00 on October 22, on the premise of ensuring safety in production, the production load of blast furnaces in Kaiping District, Guye District, Fengnan District and Fengrun District has been reduced by more than 50%. Other enterprises retain a blast furnace production (used to ensure the maintenance of pipeline pressure and other safety measures); From 20:00 on October 20 to 8: 00 on October 22, one sintering machine is retained for production. (3) Coking enterprises: on the premise of ensuring safety in production, coking enterprises are allowed to adjust the coking time properly before 24:00 on October 19. From 00: 00 on October 20 to 24:00 on October 21, all coking enterprises stop charging coal in carbonization rooms by more than 50% (including). After 00: 00 on October 22, Continue to implement emission reduction measures under Class II Emergency response for heavily polluted Weather

(4) from 00: 00 on October 18 to 8: 00 on October 22, construction sites in Lunan, Lubei, Gao Xin and Kaiping will stop construction (super greenway, Nanhu cross-line bridge, Tangshan Huahai, station west area and other key municipal construction sites are allowed to be constructed on the premise of "six hundred percent" dust control.)

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