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[SMM Antimony spot Weekly] Antimony prices are still falling in the off-season (2019.07.22 to 2019.07.26)
Jul 26,2019 17:48CST
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SMM, July 26, 2019:

This week, the antimony industry entered the off-season signs are more obvious, supported for some time antimony ingot prices began to weaken, antimony oxide prices continued to fall. Demand-side performance remained as flat as expected, with wait-and-see, less speculation and weak exports.

Raw materials: the market prices of raw materials fell slightly this week. The supply of raw materials in the market has not changed much, but the suppliers have slightly increased their willingness to do so, and some suppliers have taken the initiative to contact the buyers to quote after waiting for a period of time. And to a certain extent, expand the range of price reduction. And the buyer because of the antimony market as a whole worried about the future, the purchase is still cautious.

Antimony ingots: recently, antimony ingot manufacturers have loosened some of their prices this week after nearly 3 weeks of high prices. Terminal on-demand procurement coupled with weak speculative forces, some manufacturers began to lower prices in exchange for market share, although manufacturers price reduction is very limited and shipment control, but the overall market short atmosphere heating up. As of the weekend SMM antimony average price: 2 # low bismuth antimony ingot 37500 yuan / ton, 1 # antimony ingot 38000 yuan / ton, 0 # antimony ingot 39000 yuan / ton. Different from other antimony ingots, the recent supply of high bismuth antimony ingots has been tight for a short period of time due to the cost of raw materials or other problems such as suspension of production and maintenance of high bismuth antimony ingots. In addition, the recent trading volume is relatively stable, the price of high bismuth antimony ingots is relatively strong, and the average price of SMM 2 # high bismuth antimony ingots is 36250 yuan / ton by the end of the week. The price of antimony ingots in overseas markets is still weak this week, which also brings invisible pressure to the current domestic market.

Antimony trioxide: in line with the performance of the antimony ingot market this week, the market price of antimony trioxide also weakened. And because the antimony trioxide transaction performance is more light, coupled with many large manufacturers also joined the battle to reduce prices to seize market share, antimony trioxide price war is more intense. By the end of the week, the average price of antimony trioxide in SMM is 99.5 per cent at 33500 yuan per ton and 99.8 per cent at 35000 yuan per ton.

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At present, from the attitude of market participants, the short atmosphere is aggravated, the market news is messy, so that the quotation is also slightly disorderly. The weakness of the antimony market is likely to continue for some time to come.


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