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Bismuth Price performance stable low Price Resource reduction-SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.07.22 to 2019.07.26)
Jul 26,2019 17:44CST
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SMM, July 26 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

Market summary: the bismuth market price is still stable this week, the market low price resources are reduced, the transaction price range is narrowed, the trading volume as a whole has little change compared with last week. On the demand side, speculative funds are still performing, terminal procurement on demand, wait-and-see sentiment is still heavy. By the end of the week, the transaction price of SMM bismuth ingots was 41500-42000 yuan / ton, down 250 yuan / ton from the average price last week.

Factory dynamics: bismuth ingot manufacturers still do not have plans to increase the operating rate in the near future, and some manufacturers that stop production and maintenance are still in progress. This also makes the current market supply in a relatively optimal state. From the perspective of the enthusiasm of manufacturers, in addition to individual manufacturers who stop quoting, other manufacturers as a whole are very active in shipping, basically do not keep inventory, and even some manufacturers sell far futures. As a result, in the second half of this week, many manufacturers have no cash to offer and stop the situation. As a result, some traders have also begun to wait and see or raise their quotations slightly. From the performance of the transaction price, the resources of the low transaction price are gradually decreasing, and the range of the market transaction price range is also gradually unified.

Raw materials: this week the raw materials market situation has not changed much, the market inventory is still appropriate, the supplier quotation is stable. Some market participants believe that in the current supply and demand situation is relatively clear, the dynamics of raw materials will determine the future direction of bismuth prices.

Downstream market: the recent stability of the market has been a long time, in the current price has not clearly chosen the direction of the case, downstream terminal wait-and-see mood is not reduced, but replenishment is still step by step.

"View the historical price of SMM exclusive bismuth

On this week's news, specialty chemicals manufacturer 5N Plus announced on July 22 that it would re-increase its purchase of bismuth due to a reduction in the supply of slag to 5N Plus. As soon as this news came out, it aroused a large-scale response and discussion in the market, and many market people also put forward a lot of different views and views on such news. This shows that the market is currently very sensitive to the demand side.


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