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[SMM Antimony spot Weekly] the light price of antimony market is weak and stable (2019.07.15 to 2019.07.19)
Jul 19,2019 18:15CST
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SMM, July 19, 2019:

This week, the antimony industry as a whole is still in a weak operating situation, the upstream antimony ore and antimony ingot prices are relatively stable, antimony oxide prices fell slightly. Demand side performance is basically close to expectations, terminal procurement on demand, speculative demand has little performance. Export markets remain relatively weak.

Raw materials: the market has not changed much this week, and the prices of raw materials are relatively stable. Market raw material inventory point of view, the current supply is relatively loose, but the shipper shipping enthusiasm is general. On the other hand, the buyer is cautious because he is worried about the future of the antimony market as a whole.

Antimony ingots: compared with last week, the market calm changes little, although the market trading activity is not high, but the recent antimony ingot manufacturers shipping enthusiasm is also general, forced to push the price is obvious, the market also occasionally low price transactions appear, but these low price transactions have not been able to shake the market high price confidence for the time being. By the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony ingots: 2 # high bismuth antimony ingots 36000 yuan / ton, 2 # low bismuth antimony ingots 38000 yuan / ton, 1 # antimony ingots 38500 yuan / ton, 0 # antimony ingots 39500 yuan / ton. This week, the prices of antimony ingots in overseas markets continued to fall, adversely affecting export orders. Market participants said that due to the good performance of gold prices in the past half a year, gold antimony ore raw materials became a darling in the early stage, and with the progress of production, although purified gold has brought extra profits, it has also brought a large amount of antimony ingot production to the market, so antimony prices have all the way down, and although the joint efforts of manufacturers have temporarily stopped falling, However, weak terminal consumption is difficult to immediately digest antimony ingot stocks, antimony prices are estimated to be difficult to improve.

Antimony trioxide: due to the recent performance of the antimony ingot market is relatively stable, antimony ingot manufacturers are more determined, affected by this, antimony trioxide market prices also want to follow the current weakness, but the current demand does not give support. Most importantly, the prices of high-priced antimony trioxide products from some large benchmarking manufacturers also began to loosen, making the overall price center of gravity of the market move down. By the end of the week, the average price of antimony trioxide in SMM is 99.5 per cent at 34500 yuan per ton and 99.8 per cent at 35750 yuan per ton. The price of antimony ingots has steadily limited the scope for falling products of some manufacturers who buy antimony ingots to produce antimony oxide, but low consumption has forced suppliers to face it.

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Summer break antimony ingots and antimony oxide exports are difficult, overseas prices all the way down, affecting the confidence of domestic suppliers, antimony market is expected to be weak and difficult to change.

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