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The main supply of bismuth in the market is tight and the bismuth price is stable as a whole-SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.07.15 to 2019.07.19)
Jul 19,2019 15:54CST
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Market summary: the overall price of bismuth market this week is stable, although the overall performance of the trading volume is general, but compared with last week, the number of inquiries increased, the shippers were obviously cautious, the offer insisted, and the bargaining space was reduced. On the demand side, the vitality of speculators increased slightly, while terminals were purchased on demand, but the pressure on prices weakened. To the weekend SMM bismuth ingot transaction price in 41500-42500 yuan / ton, the average price unchanged from last week.

Factory dynamics: bismuth ingot manufacturers recently started to accelerate the situation is still slow, from Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places of the mainstream manufacturers, the current large factory brand bismuth ingot resources began to have a tight trend, some large manufacturers cherish sales sentiment increased, other manufacturers resource prices can also be significantly reduced, although the market from time to time there are some supply to end users of low-priced resources transactions, but mainly reflected in the rapid return of funds. At present, the number of spot inventory in bismuth market continues to decrease, with the recent price gradually stable for longer and longer, the supply-side mentality is more stable, at the same time speed up the search for low-cost raw materials into production preparation. This is also one of the main factors that the market price is relatively stable at present. However, from the negative point of view, the market is still full of a large number of small factory resources, with the advantage of low prices to impact terminal consumer demand, it is expected that in the short term, this kind of brand premium conflict between large factories and small factories will continue to play.

Raw materials: this week, the market situation of lead-bismuth alloy has not changed much, the market inventory is still appropriate, the supplier quotation is stable. However, the market price of bismuth ingots is stable, so that crude bismuth is still the preferred object of the market.

Downstream market: as the market has recently experienced short-term fluctuations, it has been stable for more than two weeks, the wait-and-see mood of the downstream terminal has slightly weakened, and the number of replenishment has increased slightly, but at present, it is understood that the overall downstream market is still bearish for a long time, but the judgment of the market is stable in the short term. As a result, the purchase rate rose slightly, and the price began to converge when the supply was not as sufficient as in the previous period. Speculative forces, on the other hand, have picked up slightly this week, with speculative buying on the cheap up from last week, but with more pressure on prices, so its appeal is traded only in sources that do not contain taxes or quality defects.

"View the historical price of SMM exclusive bismuth

As the spot supply of bismuth ingot producers tightened this week, speculators and traders began to cherish the availability of supplies as they took part in the stocking, and some of the downstream feedback began to be difficult, but they were in no hurry to buy during the light summer break. It is expected that there will still be a contest between supply and demand next week. Bismuth prices will break through if supply remains tight, but it will not last long.


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