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[brief comment on nickel in SMM period] the rising trend of nickel in Shanghai is "crazy" and Lianyang touched the limit on the 7th.
Jul 18,2019 17:57CST
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SMM July 18 News:

Shanghai nickel 1910 contract opened at 112890 yuan / ton today, at the beginning of the day, rose to 114700 yuan / ton first line short horizontal shock, followed by a large number of bulls continued to increase positions, shanghai nickel rose sharply to 11700 yuan / ton line, touching the limit of 117150 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, Shanghai nickel in 117000 yuan / ton first line horizontal finishing, until the close, closed at 117090 yuan / ton, almost closed at the stop price, compared with the previous trading day settlement price rose 6570 yuan / ton, up 5.94%, position increased 32916 hands to 253228 hands, trading volume increased 303000 hands to 712000 hands. Today, Shanghai nickel 08, 09 contracts are up 5.99%, touching the limit. 1908 the contract closed at $116860 / tonne today, up 6600 yuan / tonne from the previous day's settlement price, and trading volume increased by 305000 hands to 1.263 million hands. Throughout the day, Shanghai Ni 1910 capital inflow reached 408 million yuan, closed at the Dayang line, has closed for seven consecutive days, the evening is expected to continue to rise during the day, continue to rise upward.

The night focused on the monthly rate of the leading indicators of the Conference Board in June and the EIA natural gas stocks in the United States in the week of July 12 (100 million cubic feet).


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