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Today's nickel market (7.17) Russia nickel than Shanghai nickel 08 offer discount about 300 yuan / ton
Jul 17,2019 14:18CST
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[July 17 SMM nickel product price]

[July 17 SMM nickel market trends]

Electrolytic nickel

Spot: July 17, Russia nickel than Shanghai nickel 1908 discount water about 300 yuan / ton, compared with yesterday discount narrowed. Yesterday, there were downstream steel mills in the 108000 pass near the market procurement, trading volume is considerable, transaction improvement. Import profits and losses continue to be larger, flows into the domestic source of goods is not much, today's nickel plate holders have narrowed Russian nickel discount, spot feedback, today's nickel plate transactions are not as good as yesterday. Jinchuan nickel than Shanghai nickel 1908 contract generally reported a rise of 800 to 1, 000 yuan / ton, slightly narrower than yesterday. Jinchuan nickel transactions continue to be light, some holders down Jinchuan rising water, but the overall volume is small, mostly up to 1000 yuan / ton. The ex-factory price of Jinchuan Company was quoted at 110500 yuan / ton, 3000 yuan / ton higher than yesterday, and the mainstream transaction was 109100 yuan / ton.

[Jinchuan company ex-factory price] July 17, Jinchuan company electrolytic nickel (big plate) Shanghai quotation 110500 yuan / ton, barreled small pieces 111700 yuan / ton, up 3000 yuan / ton from yesterday.

Nickel pig iron, nickel ore

[a factory in the north has been out of slag today] SMM July 16-according to SMM research, a 33000KVA hot furnace that was sent electricity from a factory in the north on July 9 has been slag today and is expected to be able to produce iron in the near future. The output of 33000KVA ore furnace can reach 5000 physical tons in normal production, but because the furnace has not been produced for a long time, the specific output still needs to be concerned.

SMM, July 16 (Xinhua) according to SMM research, at present, the power limit has little impact on the nickel-iron plant in the Wulanchabu area, and some factories say or affect the production of the day, while some factories say that there is no impact, and the follow-up progress still needs to be further observed. The output of high nickel pig iron in Ulancha area accounted for 7.9% of the national high nickel pig iron production in June.

Stainless steel, waste stainless steel

[SMM stainless steel plant guide price] on July 17, the guidance price of Wuxi stainless steel plant rose 150 to 200 yuan / ton https://news.smm.cn/news/100950750.

[SMM stainless steel plant guide price] July 17 North Sea Chengde August guide price announced https://news.smm.cn/news/100950754

[SMM stainless steel plant guide price] July 16 Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 304-430 series stainless steel weekly settlement price announced https://news.smm.cn/news/100950376

Weekly inventory statistics

[SMM pure nickel inventory statistics]

According to the SMM survey, the total amount of nickel stocks in Shanghai, including the previous warehouse receipt stocks, rose 2308 tons, or 3.3 per cent, from last week to 71300 tons. The specific changes are as follows: stocks in East China decreased by 2000 tons to 31500 tons compared with last week, while stocks in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (including Shanghai Tianwei, Capital Management Hall, facing Port, Jiekai and Henry Bath) refined nickel stocks decreased by 1000 tons to 14000 tons compared with last week.

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