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China Southern Rare Earth cuts prices of medium, heavy rare earth oxides 
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Jul 16,2019

SHANGHAI, Jul 16 (SMM) – China Southern Rare Earth Group, one of the six, state-owned rare earth mining groups in China, lowered listed prices for certain types of medium and heavy rare earth oxides, but kept prices of the mainstream dysprosium oxide and terbium oxide unchanged on the week, the company said on its website on Monday July 15. 

The cuts lowered the quotes of gadolinium oxide to 172,000 yuan/mt, down 3,000 yuan/mt from the previous price released on July 9

Quotes of holmic oxide slid 10,000 yuan/mt to stand at 390,000 yuan/mt, and prices of lutetium oxide shrank 50,000 yuan/mt, to 4.3 million yuan/mt. 

Listed prices for dysprosium oxide and terbium oxide remained unchanged at 2 million yuan/mt and 4.1 million yuan/mt. 

SMM assessment showed that spot prices of some light rare earth oxides also eased, as prices of praseodymium oxide fell 10,000 yuan/mt from Monday July 15, to stand at 390,000-400,000 yuan/mt as of Tuesday July 16, and prices of praseodymium metal lost 10,000 yuan/mt from Monday, to 690,000-710,000 yuan/mt.  

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