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[brief comment on nickel in SMM] Shanghai nickel rose more than 2 per cent to a 2019 high today
Jul 15,2019 17:20CST
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SMM, July 15 / PRNewswire-Asianet /-

Shanghai nickel main contract 1909 opened at 104120 yuan / ton today. At the beginning of the day, Shanghai nickel rose 106860 yuan / ton, the highest level since 2019, and then fell back slightly to 105800 yuan / ton line. Before noon, the overall pressure of Shanghai nickel fluctuated in a narrow range of 106800 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, Shanghai nickel settled slightly above the 106000 yuan / ton gate, closing at 106180 yuan / ton, up 2490 yuan / ton, or 2.4%, from the previous trading day. Its position increased by 73000 hands to 180000 hands and trading volume increased by 76000 hands to 244000 hands. Shanghai nickel 1910 contract broke through the 107000 yuan / ton barrier today, position volume increased 16432 hands to 190766 hands, position volume has exceeded shanghai nickel 1909 to become the main position contract; trading volume increased by 107000 hands to 229000 hands, and shanghai nickel 1909 contract trading volume gradually close, in the evening pay attention to 1909 and 1910 contract trading position increase, pay attention to whether to replace the main trading volume.

Today is the delivery date of Shanghai Ni 1907 contract. Shanghai Ni 1907 contract opened at 103550 yuan / ton today, reducing its position to 18288 hands. The actual delivery volume is 9144 tons, with a settlement price of 105370 yuan / ton.

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