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Bismuth Price weakens in weak and stable Market this week-SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.07.08 to 2019.07.12)
Jul 12,2019 16:11CST
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Market summary: the overall price of bismuth market this week is stable, but the trading volume has a downward trend, the enthusiasm of suppliers to ship goods is not great, and the space for quotation is still limited. This week, the vitality of the goods pressure fund is reduced, the terminal is purchased on demand, and the pressure on the price is great. To the weekend SMM bismuth ingot transaction price in 41500-42500 yuan / ton, the average price unchanged from last week.

Factory dynamics: bismuth ingot manufacturers have recently started an overall downturn, many manufacturers due to low-cost raw materials have not been replenished in place, the output is at a lower level, some manufacturers even stop production or shipment, bismuth market spot inventory quantity has continued to reduce the trend, so the overall supply-side mentality is still stable, on-demand production, while looking for low-cost raw materials. Therefore, at present, from the point of view of the inventory of mainstream manufacturers, they all belong to a lower level, which is also one of the main factors that the market price is relatively stable at present.

Raw materials: this week, lead and bismuth alloy changes little, the supply tightness is still appropriate, the supplier quotation is stable, but the downstream smelter is willing to accept the low price, the matching degree between the two sides is not enough. However, the supply of crude bismuth tends to be tight in the near future, because the price of bismuth is relatively stable. Manufacturers and some speculative funds have become more aggressive in chasing crude bismuth, which has a lower price.

Downstream market: the situation of downstream terminals has not changed much this week, and the procurement is still cautious to replenish the goods according to demand. During the summer break, the export market is weak, and the downstream is still bearish on the future market, therefore, even if buying goods, the strength of bargaining is also greater, relative to the quotation will even appear more than 1000 yuan / ton gap, this also makes some supplementary inquiry orders difficult to reach the transaction factor, the market trading volume also gradually weakens this week.

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It is expected that the market next week in the supply and marketing situation, will continue to stalemate, bismuth prices are expected to continue to look for direction in the near future.


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