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[focus] 2019 or the most difficult year in tin city tin summit will help you break the cocoon into a butterfly!
Jul 10,2019 14:21CST
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In the environment of Sino-US trade war and slowing economic growth, market demand has declined compared with the same period last year, the process of de-inventory in the market has been slow, and the domestic tin market has maintained a state of weak supply and demand as a whole. This year, the heavy blow of environmental protection, tin processing in Guangdong Province tin enterprises have been greatly affected. According to SMM, tin processing companies face a elimination rate of 10% to 20% this year. On July 2, Shanghai and Wuxi staged a shocking collapse, but also let the market prospects cover a layer of haze.

Abroad, Indonesian tin ingot exports increased by 43% in April compared with the same period last year, and China's refined tin exports rose sharply from January to April. At present, the stock of tin has increased to 6305 tons at one time, and the price of tin is under pressure.

In 2019 or the most difficult year for tin enterprises, how will the tin enterprises be PUBG, and what will be the impact of future policies? When will downstream demand recover? Will the development of 5G become a new consumption growth point of tin demand? What will be the trend of tin prices in the future? Whether the continuous decline in tin prices will affect the enthusiasm of miners to ship, thus aggravating the tight supply pattern at the mine end.

Those who can overcome difficulties can turn difficulties into opportunities! No matter how difficult the environment is, there are always some people who come to the fore, and there are always some companies that fly high against the wind! And the secret behind this is to have a broad vision, extensive contacts and professional service platform to help you look forward to the future, advance layout, break the cocoon into a butterfly!

In order to solve the problems of the industry, SMM has devoted itself to preparing the "2019 Ninth Tin Industry chain Summit", which will be held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province from November 7 to 8. At that time, there will be industry experts, executives of famous enterprises and senior analysts of SMM to make concerted efforts on the development of the tin industry chain.

In addition, the domestic tin industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises will also come together, face-to-face exchanges, explore new business opportunities, open up new markets!

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Summit highlights

The elite strong general makes a big display of his fists and fists.

The summit's arguments are exquisite

What I have learned from paper is not profound, so I am aware that "tin society" should be practiced.

Tin summit, waiting for your good news

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