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Bismuth Price supplier stable Price Stabilization-SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.07.01 to 2019.07.05)
Jul 5,2019 14:58CST
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Market summary: after last week's price reduction, this week's shippers still maintain a high level of enthusiasm, but the price space is significantly reduced, and the quotation tends to be unified and stable. Traders cautious pressure goods, the terminal is still on demand procurement, wait-and-see mood is heavy. To the weekend SMM bismuth ingot transaction price in 41500-42500 yuan / ton, the average price unchanged from last week.

Factory dynamics: bismuth ingot manufacturers in the near future operating rate is still low, bismuth market spot inventory is still low, there is no sign of increase, so some production enterprises although the strength of shipment is relatively high, but because the inventory is relatively low, the mentality as a whole is relatively stable. Unlike last week's sharp cut in the firm offer, the price can be negotiated to cater to the acceptance of the market. Market participants said that in the short term after the price correction, the market fair will be affected to a certain extent, but once the price stabilizes, the transaction will slowly recover.

Raw materials: this week, lead and bismuth alloy changes little, the supply tightness is still appropriate, the supplier quotation is stable.

Downstream market: the situation of downstream terminals has not changed much this week, and the procurement is still cautious to replenish the goods according to demand. As the current shipping strength is slightly greater than the receiving strength, the downstream side of the pressure is greater.

"View the historical price of SMM exclusive bismuth

After prices have stabilized this week, the strong and weak tendencies of supply and consumption continue to stalemate, and bismuth prices are expected to look for direction in the near future.


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