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[brief Review of SMM Thread] the new week ushered in a new positive, and the spot price of screw thread was jubilant.
Jul 1,2019 19:08CST
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Boosted by the news of the G20 summit, the thread across the country showed a rising trend today, rising sharply by 30 to 180 yuan per ton. In addition, for Jiangsu environmental protection ultra-low emission production limit news, the market is common, wait-and-see mood is strong, waiting for the implementation of actual policies and measures. The overall deal is good.

With regard to ultra-low emissions: in May 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the Standard for Ultra-low Emission of Air pollutants from the Iron and Steel Industry (draft for comments), which made it clear that the hourly average concentrations of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted from sintering machine heads and pellet roasting smoke were not higher than 10, 35 and 50 mg / m3, respectively, and that of other major pollution sources were not higher than 10, 50 and 200 mg / m3, respectively. In order to meet the ultra-low emission standard, some steel plants need to update the relevant technologies such as denitrification and desulfurization, and take the corresponding capacity replacement. (during this replacement period (about 2 months) will affect the relevant production, but in the long run, the impact on production is small. In addition, in order to meet the emission standards and ensure that the impact of production is reduced to a minimum, there is a phenomenon that some steel mills intend to convert large volume blast furnaces into multiple small volume blast furnaces. In order to encourage iron and steel enterprises to continue to implement ultra-low emission standards, in April 2019, the Ministry of Ecological Environment and other five ministries jointly issued the opinions on promoting the implementation of Ultra-low emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry. In addition to defining the ultra-low emission standards, the opinion clearly indicates that the Chinese government will provide more policy support to iron and steel enterprises that have completed the transformation of ultra-low emissions, including tax relief, credit financing, differential electricity price, and so on. Enterprises that fail to meet the standards will be dealt with in accordance with the law. Today, Jiangsu Province announced that enterprises that have met the standards will be exempted from off-peak production in autumn and winter and emergency control of heavy pollution weather to stop production, while enterprises that fail to meet the standards will be severely punished in accordance with the regulations in accordance with the law. According to SMM research feedback, based on the strict emission standards in 2018, the large mainstream steel mills surveyed have met the relevant standards, while the enterprises that do not meet the standards need to complete the compliance within four months. In summary, based on the current situation, Jiangsu environmental protection production limit news has no significant impact on steel production. In the follow-up, SMM will continue to follow up.

Spot market:

Hangzhou market: today Hangzhou rose 50 yuan / ton, 70 yuan / ton in the morning, Shagang quoted price of 4140 yuan / ton, but the transaction situation is general, the afternoon correction 20 yuan / ton, Shagang quoted price of 4120 yuan / ton. The transaction situation is flat all day, the goods are shipped at a low price, and the actual transaction price is about 4100. Trading was slightly weaker today, mainly due to the release of downstream demand on Saturday.

Beijing market: today up 180 yuan / ton, Hegang quoted price of 4030 yuan / ton. Macro news led to a rise in prices, the market bullish sentiment is strong, so some traders have closed the phenomenon. The transaction situation for the whole day was flat compared with that of last week.

Shanghai market: up 90 to 100 yuan / ton today, Shagang quoted 4050 to 4060 yuan / ton, but the actual transaction is average, most of them are speculative trade.

Guangzhou market: today's spot price rose 60 yuan / ton, cold steel quotation 4150 yuan / ton. The actual transaction is better, the mood of taking goods downstream is positive, terminal demand and speculative trade are released to a certain extent, the overall situation is better than last week.

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