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Bismuth Market this week reduced Price soft supplier mentality is stable-SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.06.24 to 2019.06.28)
Jun 28,2019 17:02CST
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Market summary: due to the operating rate of some manufacturers is still unstable, the overall spot stock of bismuth market has always been kept in a reasonable position in the near future, there is no obvious increase, but the shipment is slowing down, the shipping enthusiasm of the holder is higher, the price can be discussed more, the price is weaker in a week, the downstream traders and terminal procurement situation is more insipid, on-demand procurement, wait-and-see. By the end of the week, the transaction price of SMM bismuth ingots was between 41500 and 42500 yuan / ton, down 1000 yuan / ton from last week.

Factory dynamics: with the bismuth price stabilized last week, some production enterprises increased shipping efforts, as the market supply is still relatively low, the shipping mentality of suppliers as a whole is still stable. At the beginning of the week, suppliers slowly lowered their firm prices to cater to the acceptance of the market. However, with the increasing efforts of traders to reduce the price of shipments, the quotations of manufacturers have also had a certain impact, some of the manufacturers who need to be cashed out can only follow the market trend and comply with the trend. And some factory people said that they understand that the demand has shrunk slightly in the near future, which is the normal market adjustment phenomenon after the price rush in the early stage. At present, it will not break the blood flow for a little inquiry.

Raw materials: this week lead and bismuth alloy changes little, the supply tightness is suitable, the supplier quotation is relatively stable, but the actual transaction has room to talk about.

Downstream market: this week, downstream terminals continue to wait and see, purchasing cautiously according to demand replenishment, speculation pressure behavior rapidly reduced.

"View the historical price of SMM exclusive bismuth

After the market price weakens this week, the strong and weak tendency of supply and consumption has not completely changed, the game between supply and demand continues, the bismuth price is expected to look for the opportunity of fluctuation in the weak and stable in the near future.


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