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[brief comment on SMM Thread] "production restriction" cardiotonic agent, greatly pull the spot price.
Jun 24,2019 16:46CST
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Today, the national thread spot collectively rose 50 to 100 yuan / ton. Mainly due to the weekend Tangshan, Anyang, Luliang and other places issued production restriction policies, Tangshan in addition to six steel enterprises to limit production by 20%, the proportion of other steel enterprises to limit production is as high as 50%. The news side in addition to the spot price has a certain boost, but also for the market mentality injection of a strong agent, but for today's sharp rise is still a wait-and-see mentality. On the whole, in the "buy up or down" mentality, downstream take goods enthusiasm to rise, the market transaction situation has a certain improvement compared with a few days ago. Hangzhou market: it is up 70 yuan per ton today. It rose 70 yuan per ton in the morning to 4020 yuan per ton and remained stable throughout the day. On the whole, the demand is still available at present, the supply-side production restriction news drives the market, the whole day transaction situation is better. In addition, on Friday, the mainstream steel mill thread ex-factory price down another 100 yuan / ton, traders are willing to replenish the warehouse. Shanghai market: today's price rose 60-70 yuan / ton, Shagang quoted 3900-3930 yuan / ton, Hongtai quoted 3850 yuan / ton, the regular specification price fell slightly in the afternoon. The price is pulling up too fast, but the terminal acceptance is OK, the merchant feedback low price transaction has improved compared with last week, but the small factory resources because of the fluctuation is bigger and more frequent, the transaction is mediocre. Beijing market: today's spot price rose 60 to 70 yuan / ton, Hegang quoted price of 3760 yuan / ton, in the afternoon again pulled up 20 to 3780 yuan / ton, traders' current demand is still stable, the transaction performance is OK. Guangzhou market: today, the price of cold steel resources increased by 60 yuan / ton, the quotation was 4020 yuan / ton, and Wangang raised 80 to 4000 to 4020 yuan / ton. Today, Guangzhou was "hit" by torrential rain, constantly refreshing the precipitation record. [SMM Steel]

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