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The United States will announce an interest rate resolution and a policy statement in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Jun 19,2019
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SMM6, 19 March: the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the United States will issue an interest rate resolution and policy statement on Thursday 02 / 00 Beijing time. On Thursday, 02-30 Beijing time, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell will hold a press conference.

In the Asia-Pacific period, the dollar index into a narrow range of consolidation market, volatility is quite moderate. As the Fed's (FED) meeting approaches this week, investors are also unusually cautious and dare not act rashly until the Fed has announced a rate cut.

In recent days, a number of US government officials have spoken out that the United States will take measures to maintain economic expansion when necessary, reinforcing the expectations of many investors to cut interest rates this year.

However, the recent release of a series of US economic data is relatively weak, which has also further reinforced expectations of the Fed to cut interest rates. Speculation is likely to rise further about the Fed's rate cut after the ECB released unusually dovish comments.

Analysts point out that there could be a variety of outcomes at this week's Fed meeting, including unexpected rate cuts, hints of possible future rate cuts, or continued patience in view of still solid economic growth.

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