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Bismuth Market enters stop falling Mode-SMM Bismuth spot Weekly report (2019.06.03 to 2019.06.06)
Jun 6,2019 17:59CST
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Market Summary: bismuth market procurement is growing rapidly this week, and all the way down, trade middlemen and exporters are waiting for negativity, making it urgent for production suppliers to ship goods, resulting in onlookers coming in one after another to replenish goods at lower prices, and the negotiation of large orders is also quite smooth. Trading prices also stopped falling after buying and stimulating, to the weekend SMM bismuth ingot transaction price at 41000-42000 yuan / ton, the average price down 42000 yuan / ton from last week.

Factory dynamics: suppliers in Henan and Chenzhou have a strong willingness to ship, and market rumors about the consumption of bismuth ingots at the Pan-Asian auction have panicked manufacturers, while trade middlemen and some downstream have purchased in large orders this week to attract producers to discount for cash. Therefore, from the weekend to the beginning of the week spot inventory scraped out, mainstream producers see the increase in orders to raise prices, weekend quotations to maintain the average price of SMM, but the transaction hesitated.

Raw materials: bismuth concentrate due to the mainstream of large enterprises stop production, inventory increased, but in the smelting processing capacity is limited, so there are few people. Lead-bismuth alloy supply is in the majority, but bismuth ingots fell to 40,000 yuan / ton, suppliers see the selling price is too low, so the mentality began to stalemate, the trading volume decreased within the week.

Downstream market: payments around 40,000 yuan / ton began to gather, because suppliers are still in a difficult situation of sales, traders and exporters and even individual downstream bulk purchase orders, initially only small factory goods and quality defects and unstable sources of goods transactions. Subsequently, traders use this as a bargaining chip, in the individual cost control ability has the advantage of enterprise transactions, to the weekend large quantities of goods mainly concentrated in the hands of traders and downstream.

At present, the supply has been reduced, but the inventory of production enterprises will slowly recover after the festival, and whether there is any increase in downstream demand side and export orders remains to be seen, which will affect the bismuth market mentality.

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