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Proposal for stopping and reducing production of ammonium paratungstate smelting enterprises in Ganzhou City
Jun 6,2019 17:29CST
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Recently, the national tungsten raw material market has been under great downward pressure on prices, especially since May, the average monthly price of ammonium paratungstate is only 1429000 yuan / ton, which is about 50,000 yuan / ton lower than the April average price of 1475000 yuan / ton. And showed a continuous downward trend; Raw material market supply and demand is flat, APT and tungsten concentrate price upside down, Ganzhou tungsten industry loss ratio increased, sales profit margin appeared negative, the overall performance of the industry as a whole for the main business income decline, economic benefits significantly decreased.

In view of this, the ammonium paratungstate production enterprises in Ganzhou City held a meeting in Ganzhou on June 5, 2019. they unanimously agreed to stop or reduce production from June 2019. the enterprises that decided to stop production would stop production for not less than 15 days. The enterprise that decided to reduce the production of ammonium paratungstate will reduce the production of ammonium paratungstate by not less than 30% in the same month, so as to jointly maintain the healthy and stable operation of the tungsten market. At the same time, the meeting issued a call to the national tungsten enterprises to "control production capacity and reduce output," and suggested that relevant government departments strictly control the addition of new tungsten smelting capacity, so as to make efforts to eliminate excess capacity, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote supply-side structural reform in the tungsten industry. We will promote the reasonable return of the overall price of tungsten products upstream and downstream, jointly maintain the supply order of tungsten raw materials market, and promote the harmonious, win-win, healthy and sustainable development of the tungsten industry.

List of proposed enterprises:

Chongyi Zhangyuan tungsten co., Ltd.

Ganzhou Haisheng tungsten and molybdenum group co., Ltd

Luoyang Luanchuan Molybdenum Group sales Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Yaosheng tungsten industry co., Ltd

Jiangtungstaike tungsten products co., Ltd

Ganzhou Huaxing tungsten products co., Ltd

Ganzhou Haichuang Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd.

Ganzhou Juxin Mining Co., Ltd.

Ganzhou Nankang District HSBC Mining Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Xinsheng tungsten industry co., Ltd

Xinfeng Huarui Tungsten Molybdenum New material Co., Ltd.

Ganzhou 801 tungsten industry co., Ltd

Ji an de he tungsten co., Ltd.

Yudu Ansheng tungsten industry co., Ltd

Dayu Guangrong Mining Co., Ltd.

Ganzhou Nankang District Kangxin Mining Co., Ltd.

Dayu Xinsheng tungsten products co., Ltd

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