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[SMM Antimony spot Weekly] Antimony market price stability speculators are ready to move this week, antimony ingot manufacturers high price suppliers are eager to try (2019.06.03 to 2019.06.06)
Jun 6,2019 16:44CST
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SMM, June 6, 2019:

Over the weekend, the antimony association held a meeting of manufacturers in Lengshuijiang, at which manufacturers expressed confusion about the current situation of the antimony market, saying that it had reached the brink of loss in the industry and asked large manufacturers in the antimony industry to take the lead in raising the price of antimony ingots. The call for the meeting was widely endorsed and supported, with strong sentiment among suppliers from large manufacturers and confidence that prices in the antimony market were stable this week.

Raw materials: the market has not changed much, as the price of foreign antimony fell this week, the price advantage of foreign imported mines is becoming more and more obvious. As a result of this negative impact, the price pressure of antimony oxide powder separated from domestic single antimony ore and lead factory is even greater, but at present, the domestic antimony mine suppliers urgently need to choose and wait and see at the gate of 30000 yuan / ton.

In terms of antimony ingots: in response to the call of the Antimony Association, the mainstream large production enterprises and some suppliers raised the quotation for No. 1 antimony ingots from about 39000 yuan per ton to 40000 yuan per ton at the beginning of the week, resulting in a marked increase in the activity of inquiry. However, the actual trading volume has not been significantly magnified. Market participants say that in addition to normal production orders, a large number of speculators are bullish and actively depress goods, but they are also mainly based on the initial purchase of low-priced antimony ingots, as antimony ingots are still priced for a short period of time. The actual consumer sentiment of antimony trioxide downstream is still depressed. Antimony ingot price center of gravity has not changed compared with last week, as of the weekend SMM antimony average price: 2 # high bismuth antimony ingot 37750 yuan / ton, 2 # low bismuth antimony ingot 38750 yuan / ton, 1 # antimony ingot 39250 yuan / ton, 0 # antimony ingot 40250 yuan / ton. Suppliers in other regions are also gradually following the pace of large companies, trying to raise prices or wait and see, looking forward to market prices can turn upward.

Antimony trioxide: different from the antimony ingot market this week, the price trend of antimony trioxide market is weak, and there is no trial behavior of raising the quotation like antimony ingots. By the end of the week, the average price of antimony trioxide in SMM is 99.5 per cent at 36000 yuan per ton and 99.8 per cent at 37500 yuan per ton. Industry insiders say antimony trioxide suppliers are in an awkward dilemma. As a result of downstream wait-and-see, the purchase desire is dull, causes the antimony trioxide shipment difficulty, cannot raise the price even more. However, the offer for antimony ingots is rising this week, and may lead to an increase in the price of raw materials such as antimony oxide powder, which may lead to inverted linking of products and raw materials in the future, but now there is also a loss caused by hoarding raw materials in case they continue to fall. The uncertainty of the future direction of the market makes the trading operation of manufacturers more hesitant.

Under the circumstances that there is little change in the level of supply and demand, it is expected that the price of antimony in the antimony market next week will remain stable during the scorching period under the influence of the strong price sentiment of antimony ingots, although the antimony price as a whole or temporarily get rid of the downward trend under the condensation of the antimony association and various manufacturers. However, after the insured price, we still need the cooperation of downstream production or export demand procurement, if there is no procurement, we can not guarantee that some manufacturers take advantage of the opportunity to ship goods at a low price, so the conditions for the inflection of antimony prices are not yet mature.

In 2018, China's small metal market was deeply affected by factors such as regular supervision of environmental protection, poor activity, cautious investment speculators entering the market, and so on. Indium germanium rose and then fell, gallium and tellurium high and then stalemate, selenium rushed high and then fell back, antimony performance was flat. In 2019, the residual temperature of China's environmental protection policy is still there, and the trade cloud is still there. The space geometry of domestic small metal enterprises, the extent to which 5G commercial use will stimulate the downstream demand of all kinds of small metals, and where will the small metal market eventually go? Invite you to get together "2019 SMM small Metal Industry Summit", together to see the sun!

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