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[important] the SMM aluminum summit is about to open the literature army and other big khaki to take you to interpret the aluminum city!
Apr 10,2019 08:58CST
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Sponsored by SMM, "2019 (14th) Copper and Aluminum Summit-Aluminum Industry chain Summit Forum and Aluminum Industry Brand event" will be held in Binzhou, Shandong Province from April 11 to 13! So far, the summit has been attended by about 400 people from all walks of life, such as governments, associations, mines, smelting, processing, trade, logistics, banking, futures, consulting, equipment and so on. This meeting includes the signing of the meeting, the negotiation of famous enterprises & the exchange of supply and demand, the opening ceremony, the keynote speech, and the visit to Binzhou Aluminum Enterprises in Shandong Province, so that everyone can grasp the dynamics of the global economy and aluminum market in 2019. at the same time, the whole industrial chain has zero-distance contact. Explore potential market and industry opportunities.

In 2018, domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises are once again facing the dilemma of losses in the whole industry, the competition among processing enterprises such as construction profiles, aluminum cables, aluminum plates and strips is becoming more and more intense, the consumption of aluminum terminals such as real estate and automobiles is low, and the inventory of aluminum ingots in circulation is high. With the frequent production reduction in the upstream aluminum plants, the global aluminum market is facing a new round of adjustment under the complex domestic and foreign macroeconomic environment.

What is the supply pattern of electrolytic aluminum raw materials?

How to realize Green Development of Aluminum Industry chain Enterprises in China?

Terminal aluminum consumption innovation driven, which aluminum plate can stand out?

Under the general trend of "Industrial Internet +", how can aluminum enterprises smoothly carry out the road of brand value creation?


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