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China revises regulations on Li-ion batteries
Jan 28,2019 10:36CST
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Effective on Feb 15, the revision will require higher standards for quality inspections of battery materials

SHANGHAI, Jan 28 (SMM) – The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) revised the Regulations and Standards over Lithium-ion Battery Industry and the Interim Measures on the Administration of the Lithium-ion Battery Industry, SMM learned from the official website.

The revision, effective from February 15, 2019, aims to promote the healthy development of the Li-ion battery sector.

Higher standards for quality inspections over battery materials would be required. This is likely to improve the quality of motive batteries in new energy vehicles.

Companies whose production in the previous year came in below 50% of its capacity are not qualified to apply for expanding capacity. This is set to help improve the capacity utilisation rates across the sector.

Companies capacble of independently producing and selling Li-ion battery-related products and provide relevant services are required to spend no less than 3% of its operating revenue on research and development.

Companies are encouraged to obtain the qualification of new high-tech enterprises or provincial-level and above research and technology centers.

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