Sintering machines, shaft furnaces in Tangshan to halve capacity

Industry News 03:56:47PM Oct 11, 2018 Source:SMM

SHANGHAI, Oct 11 (SMM) – Sintering machines, shaft furnaces and lime kilns in Tangshan were required to cut capacity by half from 18:00 CST on Thursday October 11 to 24:00 CST on Thursday October 18, SMM learned. The city government imposed the requirement in face of potential heavy pollution during that period.

Sintering machines with denitrification facilities under installation will be exempted from the restriction. These include a sintering machine of 198 m² at Kaiheng Steel, one of 265 m² at Tangshan Stainless Steel, two of 300 m² at Yanshan Iron & Steel, a 265 m² and 240 m² at Hebei Jinxi Iron & Steel, as well as a 230 m² at Delong Steel.