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Shandong Sets Ambitious Goal for Curbing New Aluminum Capacity and Encouraging Aluminum Processing
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Jun 5,2017

SHANGHAI, Jun. 5 (SMM) –Shandong province, one of China’s major aluminum producing regions, will strictly control new alumina and aluminum capacity while encourage development of aluminum processing industry.

The province aims to keep capacity utilization rate in alumina and aluminum industries at above 80% before the end of 2020 and raise aluminum output/aluminum semis output ratio to 1:1.4.  

East Hope to Build Alumina Expansion Project in Henan

New aluminum projects (including renovation projects and expansion projects) that are deemed necessary must be subject to capacity swap program. That is to say, any new project will only be approved by being “swapped” with an eliminated project of the same capacity or of higher capacity. 

Chalco Continues Hiking Aluminum Prices in Major Markets on June 5

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