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U.S. remains 4th internationally in steel output
Jun 7,2016 08:55CST
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The United States remained fourth internationally in steel production after losing its third-place spot to India in 2014.

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June 03, 2016 01:59:40 PM

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): The United States remained fourth internationally in steel production after losing its third-place spot to India in 2014.

America made 78.8 million tons of steel last year, a fraction of the 803.8 million tons the world-leading China produced last year, the World Steel Association noted in its 2016 edition of World Steel in Figures.

“In 2015, concern over excess capacity once again increased,” World Steel Association General Director Edwin Basson said.

“Restructuring is not new; it is an ongoing process as old as the industry itself, and it requires appropriate industrial policy developed by governments in cooperation with industry. Barriers to exit as well as social and environmental impacts need to be addressed and planned for.

“In today’s economic context, it is ever more crucial that policies promote a level playing field to ensure that steel companies in one region are not put at a disadvantage with steelmakers from other regions, or in relation to competing materials,” World Steel Association’s Basson said.

Japan was second internationally with 105.2 million tons produced in 2015, while India made 89.4 million tons. Russia came in fifth with 70.9 million tons.

ArcelorMittal, which has extensive operations in Northwest Indiana, was by far the world’s leading steelmaker by volume after making 97.1 million tons last year. The next largest steelmakers were China’s Hesteel Group, which produced 47.7 million tons, and Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corp., which made 46.3 million tons.

The World Steel Association represents 150 steel producers around the world, including nine of the ten largest steelmakers, though some analysts have said its numbers are under-reported.

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