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Taiwanese containerized scrap import prices plummet to $171 a ton
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Sep 7,2015

TAIWAN September 07 2015 10:35 AM

TAIPEI (Scrap Register): Prices for containerized Taiwanese imports of HMS # 1&2 80:20 plummeted to $171 a ton in the week ended September 04, as per the latest figures from The Steel Index.

According to TSI, index for containerized Taiwanese imports of HMS #1&2 80:20 dropped $13 a ton the week to $171 a ton CFR Taiwanese port.

Imported ISRI grade scrap took a huge slide in prices into Taiwan as mills are anticipating a large drop in price in light of the current situation in China with regards to their semi and finished steel export prices.

Japanese export scrap prices have been falling for several weeks, and Taiwanese mills have been heard buying relatively large volumes of this material.

The Japanese are willing sellers given their belief that prices are only likely to fall further in the coming weeks. Russian A3 scrap has been heard sold below $200 a ton into Korea.

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