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Buffalo launches fresh campaign to boost recycling efforts
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Aug 19,2015

By Paul Ploumis 18 Aug 2015  Last updated at 08:35:29 GMT

Buffalo City has launched a new campaign '34 and more' to promote the city's recycling program and to create awareness among residents.

ALBANY (Scrap Monster): Buffalo City officials have launched a new public awareness to boost its recycling rate. The campaign named ’34 and more’ is launched in partnership with the marketing firm Block Club and is expected to cost nearly $50,000. The campaign aims to promote the city’s recycling program through design of innovative posters, billboards and other advertising materials.

The new campaign announced Monday aims to surpass the national recycling rate of 34% by 2018. The city has a long way to go from the existing recycling rate of 11.3%. The city’s recycling rate which stood at 6.6% in 2012 was boosted significantly by the launch of green tote program which allowed residents to place paper, plastic, glass and other recyclables in the same container. Following this, the recycling rate jumped to 10.2% in 2013.

The collection rates of electronics, hazardous waste, tires and yard trimmings through curbside and drop-off collections had remained almost stagnant, increasing marginally from 15% in 2013 to 15.5% in 2014. Susan Attridge- the city’s recycling coordinator expressed the hope that the new campaigns will help the city to achieve 25% curbside recycling rate.

However, the city recycling program is said to have serious shortcomings. For instance, the recycling provision in the City Charter does not comply with the state law that mandates recycling for one and two-family households and institutions such as churches. In addition, the city schools lack comprehensive recycling initiatives. Almost half of the schools recycle only cardboard and paper.

Although ’34 and more’ campaign is considered as a positive step forward in the right direction, the city needs to address other loop holes in its recycling program.

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