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[Recycling] City of Albuquerque unveils pilot program to boost recycling
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Aug 12,2015

By  Paul Ploumis 11 Aug 2015  Last updated at  08:44:48 GMT

ALBUQUERQUE (Scrap Monster): The recycling statistics published by the Department of Solid Waste Management indicates that recycling rate during FY2015 increased nearly 9% in Albuquerque in comparison with the previous year. The City has also announced the launch of a new pilot recycling program at Tiguex Park in Old Town.

According to city records, Albuquerque recycled 34,206 tons during FY2015, 9% higher when compared with the 31,306 tons recycled in FY2014. The recycling rates have shown significant improvement over the past two years. However, the city has fallen short of its monthly target, thereby forcing penalty payment. The recycling costs have exceeded the revenue by nearly $375,000 during the year. In an attempt to further improve recycling rates and avoid penalties, the city officials requested that each city household should ensure that they recycle extra two pounds of materials every week.

Meantime, the city has launched a pilot recycling program at Tiguex Park. As part of the $9,750 recycling program funded by the Parks and Recreation Department, blue recycling bins have already been installed in the park areas. The bins are meant to collect plastic and aluminum and not trash, said city officials. According to them, the city would consider extending the program to other parks, depending on the success of the pilot program. The pilot recycling program at Tiguex Park will run for six months.

Albuquerque runs its recycling program in partnership with a private company- Friedman Recycling. As per agreement, the city is required to deliver a minimum of 3,200 tons of recyclables per month. The rolling out of blue bins at parks may help the city to achieve its monthly target and thereby avoid financial penalties.

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