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[Al Alloy]Novelis introduces new automotive aluminum alloy series
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Aug 11,2015

By  Paul Ploumis 11 Aug 2015  Last updated at  05:57:51 GMT

Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered Novelis Inc. has developed Advanz 7000-series of high-strength aluminum alloy grade for automotive use. The new alloy is claimed to be more light-weight and strong.

SPOKANE (Scrap Monster): Novelis has unveiled a new series of automotive grade aluminum alloy. The Advanz 7000-series of alloys are expected to contribute to manufacturing of light weight vehicles and safety-added vehicle components.

The newly designed high-strength aluminum alloy is claimed to be much stronger than the aluminum alloys used currently. Moreover, it is significantly weightless when compared with high strength steels. The new aluminum alloy offers further reduction in weight of vehicles, along with ensuring high standards of safety to passengers. By reducing body weight, it also offers increased fuel efficiency for vehicles, Novelis noted. The alloys would be used to manufacture automotive components such as bumper systems.

According to Jack Clark, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, the innovation offers additional savings in automobile weight and better strength to ensure vehicle safety. The new aluminum alloy series is currently being tested by leading automakers. The company intends to enter into strategic partnerships with leading automakers of the world towards marketing high quality automotive components.

Novelis Inc. is an American industrial aluminum company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Novelis is a leading producer of rolled aluminum and the global leader in beverage can recycling.

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