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Samsung to use Alcoa's high-strength aluminum in latest smart phones
Jun 5,2015 18:09CST
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Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smart will have aluminum frames for the first time.

 Author: Paul Ploumis05 Jun 2015 Last updated at 06:15:03 GMT

SPOKANE (Scrap Monster): Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smart will have aluminum frames for the first time. The cell phone major has entered into a supply deal with New Tork-headquartered Alcoa Inc.
As per the agreement, Alcoa will supply high-strength aerospace aluminum to be used in Samsung’s latest range of smart phones. The ‘6013 Alcoa Power Plate’ aluminum material is expected to strengthen the phone’s structure by 70% when compared with the standard aluminum used in phones. The trademark aluminum product will enable creation of thin, lightweight and sleek models, yet stronger.
According to Samsung officials, the design of metal framed Galaxy S6 and S6 edge made it necessary for the company to find lighter but strong metal that could draw customer interest. From among several choices, the company ultimately found that Alcoa’s aluminum plates made a perfect fit, offering lightweight yet stronger frames. The aerospace-grade aluminum offers advanced durability by combining its high strength capabilities with matchless corrosion-resistance features. The superior grade aluminum has been widely tested in various fields such as aerospace, automotive and military sector. The durability of the metal to withstand heavy and rough use has been proved indisputably.
Meantime, the Alcoa Power Plate, designed and developed by Alcoa Techical Center Scientists, gives Samsung one of the most thin, light and durable aluminum bodies currently available in the market. The supply deal with Samsung is expected to provide big boost to expansion of its value-added portfolio business, Alcoa noted.
Alcoa Inc. is the world's third largest producer of aluminum, behind Rio Tinto Alcan and Rusal, with corporate headquarters in New York City.
Samsung is a South-Korean-operated multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul.

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