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Rep. Bost Trade Enforcement act fights for Illinois Steel Industry
May 26,2015 15:18CST
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US Representative for Illinois Mike Bost (IL-12) has introduced the bipartisan American Trade Enforcement Effectiveness Act.

UNITED STATES May 26 2015 9:27 AM

NEW YORK (Scrap Register): US Representative for Illinois Mike Bost (IL-12) has introduced the bipartisan American Trade Enforcement Effectiveness Act, which streamlines the process for addressing unfair dumping of foreign products into U.S. markets. Bost worked closely with Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-1 3 ) in crafting the legislation.

“When it was announced that Granite City Works would be temporarily idling nearly 2,100 local steel jobs, I immediately went to work to find a solution that stops this from happening again,” said Rep. Bost.

“Illegal trade practices are putting American jobs at risk, and I am pleased we’ve received support from both sides of the aisle to combat these practices. When the rules are applied equally, I am confident that American workers will outwork and outperform foreign compe titors every day of the week,” Bost noted.

“For years, workers in industries like steel and others in my district have been adversely affected by foreign competitors in countries like China who continue to break the rules,” said Rep. Davis.

“The American Trade Enforc ement Effectiveness Act ensures foreign competitors who engage in illegal trade practices are held accountable and prevents this unfair advantage. Because if given a level playing field, I know Illinois workers and products will win every time,” Davis added.

“Foreign p roducer market share has risen dramatically within the past 5 years as a result of a constant, unrelenting assault of unfairly traded goods entering our market,” said Mario Long h i, President and CEO of the United States Steel Corporation . “If this cycle i s not broken, foreign producers will seize control of the American steel market within a decade. Congressman Bost is a powerful voice in Congress and United States Steel Corporation and all of our employees in Illinois and throughout the country are grate ful for all his efforts in moving the Trade Remedies provisions forward.”

“Congressman Bost understands that the U.S. trade remedy laws are the only means by which domestic industry can mitigate the harm from record levels of unfair steel imports,” said Th omas J. Gibson, President and CEO of American Iron and Steel Institute. “This legislation stands up for American workers whose jobs are put at risk by global competitors who skirt trade laws. The legislation parallels legislation that has passed the Sena te by a strong bipartisan majority and is supported by the Administration. The improvements in our trade laws proposed by Rep. Bost would go a long way in promoting more fair competition for the U.S. steel industry and its workers, and we are grateful for his leadership.”

“It is absolutely critical that our nation’s trade laws are able to confront the realities of global trade,” said Phillip K. Bell, President of the Steel Manufacturers Association . Without effective, efficient remedies, the U.S. steel i ndustry will continue to lose jobs as it is subjected to the unfair trade practices of some nations. SMA wishes to thank Congressman Bost for his efforts to modernize U.S. trade enforcement provisions.”

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