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Lafayette switches to new recycling program
May 13,2015 14:44CST
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Lafayette City in Indiana has announced big changes to its city wide recycling program.

Author: Paul Ploumis 13 May 2015 Last updated at 02:37:10 GMT

SPENCER (Scrap Monster): Lafayette City in Indiana has announced big changes to its city wide recycling program. As part of the program, residents will be provided with larger recycling containers, known as toters, in place of existing small trash bins.

According to Mayor Tony Roswarski, nearly 21,000 new 64-gallon toters will be distributed to residents during this fall. The staff will take back the old bins when the new toters are distributed. However, residents who still wish to keep the old bins are allowed to make necessary arrangements with the city. The city’s garbage trucks are already upgraded to handle more recyclables and the switch to the new system is expected to happen this fall, Tony added.

The lids of the new bins will feature advertisements. According to National Cart Marketing, that handles the advertisements on the toters, each toter will have a removable placard on top, which could hold up to 12 advertisements. Advertisements will change every 90 days and will feature bar codes which residents could scan for special offers or coupons. The local businesses and nonprofits are encouraged to advertise their promotions through the new toters.

The total cost of the new recycling program is estimated at around $1.3 million. The revenues from advertisements will cover nearly 91% of the total cost. The balance 9% will be compensated by means of savings from increased recycling. According to Lafayette Street Commissioner Dan Crowell, the city currently saves nearly $200,000 by recycling. With the introduction of the new recycling program, savings from recycling are expected to double.


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