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DGCX quarterly volumes see big jump in Q1 2015
Apr 15,2015 09:00CST
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The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) reported big jump in trade volumes during the first quarter of 2015.


Author: Paul Ploumis14 Apr 2015 Last updated at 08:21:14 GMT
ABU DHABI (Scrap Monster): The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) reported big jump in trade volumes during the first quarter of 2015. The quarterly volumes were up 11% when compared with the previous quarter and 8% up from Q1 2014. The total number of traded contracts crossed 3.3 million, valued nearly $97 billion.
In March, DGCX recorded the highest average Open Interest (OI) of nearly 60,000 contracts. The OI during the first quarter touched all-time highs. March 2015 volumes grew by 32%. March trading volumes recorded significant growth of 32% from the previous month. The traded volumes totaled 1,222,360 contracts, valued at $36 billion. The Indian Rupee Futures Contract recorded the highest ever volume since August 2013, totaling over 1 million contracts valued at $32 billion. Gold Futures reported robust 14% month-on-month growth, trading 33,080 contracts during the month. The average daily volume during the month rose 26% from the previous month to 55,562 contracts.
The surge in volume growth was primarily aided by Indian Currency and Equity products and WTI futures. The Indian Rupee and Sensex Futures volumes surged by 11% and 20% respectively. Meanwhile, WTI Futures grew 54% during the first quarter of the year.
According to Gaurang Desai, Interim CEO, the strong performance during the first quarter of the year is likely to drive the growth during remaining quarters of the year. The exchange plans to diversify its product portfolio by launching new products and increasing the participant base. The launch date of its spot gold contract is expected to be announced within two weeks. The talks with a local bank are in advanced stage. The Exchange had initially scheduled to launch the contract last June, but was delayed due to technical reasons.

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