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SMM Rare Earth Weekly Survey: Rare Earth Market Turned out Mixed (17-21 Jun. 2013)
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Jun 24,2013
SHANGHAI, Jun. 24 (SMM) – According to the latest SMM survey, praseodymium-neodymium alloy prices stabilized during the past week. Dysprosium-iron alloy continued to rise, and europium oxide prices also moved up due to crackdown on private mines in Ganzhou. Prices for lanthanum oxide and cerium oxide dropped noticeably, while other rare earth products prices edged down. 
Prices were RMB 28,000/mt for lanthanum oxide, RMB 27,700/mt for cerium oxide, RMB 354,500/mt for praseodymium oxide, RMB 252,000/mt for neodymium oxide, RMB 240,000/mt for didymium oxide, RMB 3,500/kg for europium oxide, RMB 1,250/kg for dysprosium oxide, RMB 119,500/mt for gadolinium oxide, RMB 52,500/mt for cerium misch metal, RMB 325,000/mt for praseodymium-neodymium alloy and RMB 1,250,000/mt for dysprosium-iron alloy.
SMM believes prices for some rare earth products tend to rally due to the crackdowns on private mines, but dysprosium oxide prices will stabilize but unlikely rise significantly due to unimproved demand. Prices for other rare earth products should also remain stable.
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