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Camel Benefits from Product Adjustment in 2012
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Apr 15,2013

SHANGHAI, Apr. 15 (SMM) – Camel Group revealed in its 2012 annual report that both output and sales improved from the previous year due to adjustments in its product mix and marketing strategy. The company realized RMB 3.973 billion in operating revenue last year, up 29.48% YoY, and with net profit distributable to the listed company hitting RMB 481 million, up 50.2%.

Camel saw steady growth during 2012 despite slowing growth in the automobile sector and tighter regulations for the lead-acid battery industry. The company continued to promote reforms, optimize sales networks and strengthen cost controls to counter intensifying competition.

Camel’s revenue from its lead-acid battery unit during 2012 was RMB 3.906 billion, 98.3% of its total revenue, and with profit margins hitting 20.7%. Of the total revenue, RMB 3.696 million came from its automotive battery business, which also contributes 94.6% of the company’s aggregate income from lead-acid batteries. The profit margin from the lead-acid battery business was 21.28%. Another RMB 232,000 of the company total income was from its electric vehicle battery business, which had a margin of 23.45%. The remaining RMB 139 million in income came from its ignition battery business, with a profit margin of 10.26%. 

The company saw income growth from all regions of China last year, especially from south China, where revenue surged by 118.02% YoY to RMB 250 million.

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