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Indonesia Extends Valid Term for Ore Export Permit
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Jan 8,2013

SHANGHAI, Jan. 8 (SMM) – It is reported that Indonesia government will valid term for ROM export permit from 3 month to 1 year, effective as of January 2013.This aimed to simplify issuance of export permit. It is exported that the export permit is issued on monthly basis previously.

According to related officials, Indonesia will completely prohibit exports of unprocessed ore from 2014, and all export permit will be invalid by then. If the company obtains export permit in November 2013, the company’s export permit will be invalid one month later.

Indonesia generated more than IDR 15.3 trillion financial revenue through ROM export permit system in 2012. With growing demand from China and Indonesia, it is believed that the financial revenue will continue to expand.  It is expected that Indonesian government will generate more than IDR 16.5 trillion, or USD 1.71 billion mt of financial revenue through ROM export permit system in 2013.

Indonesia ore export permit
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