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[Zn] Impact of Latest Changes in 2009 Export Licenses on Zinc Market
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Jan. 4 (CBI China) -- The latest export license management goods classification list 2009 was issued by the Ministry of Commerce. Among which there are two changes relating zinc market:

    First, abolish export license management of some steel products. In 2008, the steel products license management is limited to the export trade in general (not including the credit return export and international tender export), the processing trade, border trade and foreign contracted projects and other trade exports were free of export license. 

    Second, in 2009 as to unwrought zinc (zinc content ≥ 99.995%) (0# zinc), unwrought zinc (99.995%> zinc content ≥ 99.99%) (1# zinc), unwrought zinc (zinc content <99.99%) (2# zinc), unwrought zinc alloy, these four products will obtain the export licenses from the local agencies instead of the issuance of national management in 2008.

    CBI believes little impact will be on the market, for we can see this classification will be conductive to exports or facilitate management.


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