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A Five Hundred Thousand MT Zinc Deposit Discovered in Hubei Province
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Apr.6 (CBI China) -- The largest zinc-lead deposit in Hubei Province was recently found at Bindong Shan, in the  Shengnongjia forest region.  This new zinc-lead deposit is estimated to have 500,000mt zinc reserves and 100,000mt lead reserves.  Several high-quality mid-sized deposits were also discovered in surrounding areas and are expected to help ease Hubei Province's tight capacity for zinc and lead resources.

    Domestic zinc mining capacity experienced rapid growth in 2006, but the majority of capacity was from inferior and small mines whose production was unstable. This tightness in domestic zinc concentrate supply should be relieved if this new deposit is successfully exploited.

    In addition to the zinc deposit discovery, a 30 million ton coal deposit was exposed in Shi'en, and several large phosphor mines with total reserves close to 500 million tons were discovered in Yichang. A 30 million ton Iron deposit was found in Daye, and abundant petroleum and natural gas resources were also found in Songzi and Enshi, all in Hubei Province.

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