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China's Exports of Lead Semis and Zinc Semis up over 30% YoY
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May 26,2010

SHANGHAI, May 26 -- China's exports of lead-acid battery used for automobile were 3.38 million units from January to March, up 18.15% YoY, and exports of other kinds of lead-acid battery were 28.76 million units, up 33.93% YoY; China's exports of lead semis were 13.7 kt from January to March, up 606.13% YoY; exports of zinc semis were 4 kt, up 43.65% YoY; China's exports of galvanized plate were 693 kt, up 113% YoY; exports of zinc-manganese battery were 1.4 billion units, up 33% YoY; exports of zinc-air battery were 720,000 units, up 31% YoY.

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