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XingMin Tech Zhuzhou Company to Utilize Low-Grade Zinc Oxide Ores
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May 14,2010

SHANGHAI, May 14 -- XingMin Tech Zhuzhou Company has accelerated the exploitation and utilization of gold-bearing solid wastes and low-grade zinc oxide ores, and the company's flash flotation technology and equipment has been applied to small trials, 30 mt/day, and then 200 mt/day production experiments, with excellent coincidence between technical and economic indicators reported. Meanwhile, the company has finished the experiments of the flash flotation technology on more than 30 kinds of gold-bearing solid wastes and low-grade zinc oxide ores in 11 provinces in China.

Gold-bearing solid wastes include cyanide gold tailings, cyanide gold waste slag, flotation tailings, gravity tailings, gold-antimony materials, gold-silver-lead-zinc materials, calcinated materials, high-arsenic materials, high-sulfur materials, high-mud materials, high-iron materials, high-silicon materials, high-arsenic and high sulfur materials, etc.. Low-grade zinc oxide ores include zinc oxide ores (zinc content: 6%), zinc-lead oxide ores (zinc content: 6%; lead content: 3.5%), zinc oxide ores (zinc content: 6%) and sulfide ores (zinc content: 1.2%), zinc-lead oxide ores (zinc content: 14%; lead content: 14%), high-silver low-gold lead-zinc ores, etc.

XingMin Tech Zhuzhou Company has fully invested in a 200 mt/day demonstration gold-bearing solid wastes and low-grade zinc oxide ores flash flotation production line in Pingjiang County, Hunan province, and will fully invest in another 200 mt/day demonstration production line in Guizhou province.

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