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The UN Proposes to Cut Silicon Metal Importing Tariff from China
May 11,2010 13:21CST
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SHANGHAI, May 11 (SMM) -- In view that a cancel of tariff would not favor European products, the European diplomatic envoy is to levy 5-year anti-dumping duties on silicon metal from China and South Korea.

However, the diplomatic envoy was informed to replace the existing 49% tariff that is to be due with the 19% tariff. However, the European Commission said in a letter earlier that the tariff would likely be finalized at 21%.

China's exports to the EU increased by 113% from 2005 to 2008, despite of the anti-dumping duties on China's products and despite that consumption in the EU only increased by 21%.

China's exports of silicon metal to Japan may have been saturated.

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