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Ore Powder Prices up RMB 20/mt in EMM Main Producing Regions
May 4,2010 16:39CST
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SHANGHAI, May 4 (SMM) -- Mainstream offers of EMM were in the RMB 15,600-15,700/mt range today. Downstream consumers adopted a wait-and-see attitude, allowing EMM prices fall slightly, but most producers were reluctant to move goods at low prices due to steady high costs of ore powder.

According to SMM survey, ore powder prices in EMM main producing regions like Huayuan in Hunan province and Xiushan in Chongqing advanced slightly by RMB 20/mt, while ore powder prices at Songtao in Guizhou province and Jingxi in Guangxi province have not changed much. Producers in Guizhou province told that they only purchased low grade ore despite that they purchased at high prices, and the possibility for ore powder prices to rise was high, while some producers in Guangxi province have not worked at full capacity and production at EMM producers in that region was negatively affected due to tight and high-priced ore powder.

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