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Jiangxi Copper-Refined Copper Output Exceeds 210 kt in 1Q, up 23.6% YoY
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Apr 13,2010

SHANGHAI, April 13 (SMM) – Despite of bad weather conditions, railway transportation, electricity supply shortages, purchasing pressure of copper concentrate, Jiangxi Copper, the largest copper producer in China posted sales revenue at RMB 16 billion in 1Q, with refined copper output exceeding 210 kt, up 23.6% YoY, according to its announcement on April 13th. Output of its major copper products reported a year-on-year growth by a different degree. 

According to the company sources, Jiangxi Copper in 1Q produced 219 kt of refined copper, 578.6 kt of sulfuric acid, 5.3 mt of gold, and 141 of silver, up 123.6%, 105.85%, 119.06%, and 113.52% YoY, respectively. 

Since the beginning of 2010, Jiangxi Copper's five copper mines have promoted the grade of copper concentrate by 0.9% on a yearly basis through technology improvement and process optimization. Guixi Smelter, one of its subsidiaries succeeded to increase copper output by improving operating rate of its flash furnace, as raw material purchases were negatively affected by railway transportation priority during Chinese New Year holiday and other market factors.

Jiangxi Copper, listed in London, Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges has the biggest copper smelter and open-pit mine in China, with an annual copper refining capacity of 900 kt. 

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