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2010 February Al Imports Data Analysis
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SHANGHAI, Mar. 29 (SMM) --
According to China Customs, China's bauxite imports experienced significant growth in February, up 82.92% YoY.  However, monthly bauxite imports are down so far in 2010, compared with the 2.3 million mt in late 2009, while relatively high year-on-year growth in imports is due mainly to the relatively low volumes imported during the same period of 2009.  Since domestic demand for imported bauxite is relatively unchanged, SMM believes declines in imports were attributed mainly to changes in shipping periods.

According to the latest data from China Customs, China's alumina imports declined sharply in February, but remain generally flat at 2009 levels.

According to China Customs, China's aluminum imports declined significantly due to changes of shipping periods and from the Chinese New Year, but SMM still predicts China's total aluminum imports for 2010 will reach approximately 400 kt.


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