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Domestic Selenium Prices Climb Rapidly after the Chinese New Year Holiday
Mar 1,2010 18:33CST
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SHANGHAI, Mar. 1 -- China's imports of selenium powder was in a difficult situation due to reduced supply of international copper ore as well as increased demand of selenium from CIGS thin-film battery industry. Domestic supply of selenium powder was tight, and prices of selenium powder increased rapidly, with traded prices of 99.9% refined selenium rising from RMB 660/kg before the Chinese New Year holiday to RMB 700/kg after the Chinese New Year holiday. Prices of selenium dioxide rose from RMB 450/kg to RMB 510/kg.

Tight supply and recovery demand were the major reason behind the price hikes. Due to limited importing channels and robust climb of imported selenium prices, domestic suppliers were obviously reluctant to move goods with purpose to wait for higher prices, resulting in tighter supply. From the perspective of demand, although demand from glass ceramics industry was still sluggish, demand from downstream EMM industry warmed up as many of them resumed production after the Chinese New Year holiday. In this context, tight supply of selenium was quite severe.

SMM believes that recent selenium prices are affected by tight supply and increased demand, and price hike may not cease in the short term.

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