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Prices of High Grade Silicon Metal Continue to Decline
Jan 27,2010 17:23CST
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SHANGHAI, Jan. 27 (SMM) -- Offers of silicon metal were relatively mixed in the market in Kunming recently. Offers of #2202 declined from RMB 14,200-14,400/mt at the beginning of this week to lower than RMB 14,000/mt at the end of this week, and main stream traded prices of #2202 were at RMB 13,800/mt. Traders also took the opportunity to replenish stock with very low prices at the year end. Purchasing prices of #441 at Huangpu port were at RMB 12,500/mt. Lowest traded prices of #3303 were at RMB 12,800/mt and traded prices of #2202 were around RMB 14,000/mt.

Purchasing volumes from downstream consumers were relatively stable, and aluminum alloy producers made purchases on an as-needed basis. Currently, sales of aluminum alloy were good and some produces told that they had already received orders till March, which may help boost consumption of silicon metal in the future.

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