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[Minor metal] Production Costs at Manganese Producers up Approximately RMB 400/mt
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Nov. 23 (SMM) -- Today, mainstream offers for refined manganese were RMB 13,450-13,550/mt, with limited offers at RMB 13,500-13,700/mt, and the higher offers quoted by manganese producers were due mainly to rising costs.

    Sources report that prices for raw materials including electric power, sulfuric acid, selenium dioxide, liquid ammonia, etc. increased, leaving a growth of approximately RMB 400/mt for production costs at manganese producers.

    As one ton of refined manganese requires 6,500 kWh, so total electric power costs increased by RMB 182/mt after the electricity price was lifted by RMB 0.028/kWh. Costs of selenium dioxide, sulfuric acid and ammonia increased by 131/mt; ore powder costs increased by RMB 160/mt after ore powder prices grew by RMB 20/mt in some regions (while ore powder prices remain unchanged in other regions, only with a sign of supply tightness of ore powder).

    In total, production costs at manganese producers increased by approximately RMB 400/mt.


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