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[Minor metal] SMM Forecast - Domestic Selenium Market
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Nov. 13 (SMM) -- Any downward movement for selenium prices will be limited, as selenium prices have hit the bottom line during this week. The stabilized MB prices also increased domestic supplier confidence. Selenium powder prices stood firm at RMB 450/kg after all low-priced goods were sold out. However, there will be limited possibility selenium powder prices will climb in the near term due to sluggish demand. In general, selenium powder prices are expected to move in the RMB 460-500/mt range.

    Selenium dioxide prices are expected to stabilize at RMB 320/kg. Previously, prices of imported raw materials were relatively high, resulting in higher costs than selling prices, so selenium dioxide suppliers reduced output in response. In this context, there is little possibility selenium dioxide prices will fall further along with decreasing spot supply. Selenium dioxide prices will climb once refined manganese prices advance. 


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