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[Minor metal] Low-grade Silicon Prices Rise Significantly
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Jan. 5 (CBI China) -- Domestic silicon market was still stable, the operating rates at factories maintained the low level. The prices began to rebound along with the consumption of the inventory. 553# and 441# silicon experienced a significant increase in price; at present, the delivery price for 553# silicon was above RMB 8500/mt, up RMB 300/mt from levels at the end of last month; the delivery price for 441# silicon were above RMB 9000/mt. 

    A factory in Guangxi said the factories in Guizhou, Guangxi and Hunan area suspended production, only some producers in Yunnan and Sichuan area were on production with low operating rates. "We do not intend to produce in the near future, the price is difficult to rebound to an ideal point due to sluggish market demand, and the Spring Festival draws near, we will continue to wait-and-see", he said. 
 A factory in Yunnan said, "Kunming delivery price for 2202# silicon was around RMB 9800/mt, low-grade goods supply is limited, as many 553# silicon factories have suspended production”. 

    A trader in Guangzhou believed that silicon prices can not last long below the cost line, along with the end of sell-off in the factories with capital problem and the gradual decline in inventory, the prices were bound to rebound.

    Another trader in Guangzhou said, "The improvement in the downstream demand has an obvious impact on silicon market, although the economic situation is also not optimistic, the rebound in aluminum alloy prices will boost the silicon market”.


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