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Jiangxi Government to Build First Copper Processing Zone in Jiangxi Province
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Aug.3 (CBI China) -- Jiangxi Province will build the first copper processing zone in Yingtan, with total investment of the project first phase is RMB 500 million.

    Construction of the first phase is scheduled to start in September 2007 and is scheduled for completion within two years.  The project is designed primarily to recycle, dismantle, and categorize waste hardware, electrical appliances, electric wires and cables, and electric engines.  The facility will have the capacity to handle 700kt of waste metals and should realize RMB 30 billion of sales revenue each year.

    The annual copper capacity of the Jiangxi Copper Company will also reach 700kt by 2010, and the company's demand for waste copper will hit 350kt at that time due to tight copper concentrate supply in China.


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