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Dongfeng's movie-themed edition MHERO 917 luxury electric off-roader starts pre-sale

iconJun 17, 2024 18:08
On June 17, Dongfeng Motor's MHERO Technology kicked off pre-sale of the MHERO 917 Jiaolong Zhanjia edition, China's first movie-themed vehicle.

Beijing (Gasgoo)- On June 17, Dongfeng Motor's MHERO Technology kicked off pre-sale of the MHERO 917 Jiaolong Zhanjia edition, China's first movie-themed vehicle. The luxury electric off-roader, priced between 768,000 yuan and 868,000 yuan, marks a significant collaboration between the automotive and film industries.

The vehicle is a collaborative fruit between the automaker MHERO and the Chinese filmmaker BONA Film Group, inspired by the latter’s movie “Operation Leviathan”.

The MHERO 917 Jiaolong Zhanjia, designed for urban adventurers, professional off-road enthusiasts, and military aficionados, showcases China's automotive prowess on the silver screen. This vehicle embodies MHERO’s capability for bespoke modifications, perfectly aligning with the creative vision of the film's production team.

The MHERO 917 Jiaolong Zhanjia features military aesthetic design elements, including a wind deflector inspired by military vehicle armor and fully enclosed forged rotors. The vehicle's body-colored door panels integrate weapon-like elements, enhancing its rugged appearance.

Equipped with a range-extended powertrain delivering 816 horsepower, the MHERO 917 Jiaolong Zhanjia boasts exceptional off-road capabilities supported by the M TECH intelligent off-road architecture. The vehicle's top-tier K-MAN nitrogen shock absorbers provide robust support across diverse terrains, ensuring stability and comfort.

To assist in off-road recoveries, the vehicle includes a T-MAX professional electric winch, resistant to corrosion, high temperatures, and water immersion. With a pulling capacity of 12,500 pounds, it is an essential tool for overcoming challenging off-road situations.

Additionally, the MHERO 917 Jiaolong Zhanjia features a multifunctional spare tire mount with provisions for a flagpole extension and high-position brake light bracket, ensuring safety and convenience for off-road adventures.

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